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VdGS/GNY Events


Sunday, September 18, 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 pm


. NEW LOCATION: Stern College
35th Street & Lexington Avenue New York City

POT LUCK PLAYING These self-led consorts chosen by lot will include up to 6 players. Playing levels are mixed. Tuning will be A=415.

IF YOU DON’T WANT A POT LUCK CONSORT Players of all levels who prefer not to trust to chance can sign up for more-structured morning and afternoon coached consorts, in which parts may be doubled. Check the appropriate box on the registration form below.

NOVICE CLASSES We’ll again be holding (free) morning and afternoon classes for beginners. Participants will be lent an instrument for the day. Call the registrar at 646-279-4379 or e-mail vkaycoff@live.com for information.

POT LUCK DINING If you’d like to make a dish to share at lunch, please note that on your paper or web registration form. If you don’t want to contribute, please bring a brown bag lunch. Dessert and beverages will be provided for everyone.

SILENT AUCTION The auction action starts at 10 am and ends at 1:15 pm!. To offer your contributions (a great way to share music- or non-music-related items you love but no longer need), please call Jaimee Uhlenbrock at 845-527-8291.

THE MEETING The membership meeting will start at 12:30. Topics will include past and upcoming events and a discussion of aims and projects. Please come and participate—your suggestions are what makes the VdGS/GNY work!

THE ORCHESTRA We’ll end the Play-In as usual with the all-inclusive Viol Orchestra; the leader to be announced.

HOSPITALITY If you’re coming from out of town and need a place to stay over, please contact Ruth Lepp at srlepp@verizon.net.

Membership runs from September to August. When you pay your membership dues on line, you'll be able to choose one of three member categories: single, family, and student. Novices need only to register; they don't need to pay dues. Even if you’re not coming to the Play-In, please renew your membership to avoid missing any of our 2014-2015 activities!

To renew your membership or to pay dues click here

ADDENDUM - Don’t forget:
To tune your viol to A=415!
To bring a music stand.
If you have any questions about the day, please contact the registrar at 646-279-4379 or vkaycoff@live.com.

IMPORTANT NOTES This event is FREE—but everyone (except for novices) must pay annual membership dues to attend. You can pay online at vdgsgny.org/membership.html or send a check made out to VdGS/GNY to the address below. We’ve finally raised our membership fees (after 20 years!) but we could do still more with our members’ generous (and tax-deductible) contributions!


There are two ways to register for the Play-In, either by mail, downloading the registration form from the link below, or by using the online registration form at the bottom of this page. If you are registering on line please note in the "Comments" section if you're paying dues by check/US mail (rather than on line). Note that you don't have to register as a member on that page if you're signing up for the Play-in.  

To register by mail:

Click here to download a registration form

Fill out the registration form and return it to:
Virginia Kaycoff
27 E. 3rd St., Apt. 5A,
NYC 10003, NY


To register online
          Fill out the form below and click Submit.
          Please include the following information in the “Comments” section:
          (1) If you will bring a dish to share for the Pot Luck
          (2) Whether you are paying your dues on-line or by mail.
          (3) If you staying for the whole day.


     E-Mail Address

     Telephone Number

     Instrument Treble Tenor Bass
     Consort 1. Pot Luck 2. Coached 3. Novice
     VdGS/GNY Member Yes No