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Sunday, November 9, 2-5 PM

The First Viol Consort: Reading Frottole with Isabella d'Este

A Half-Day Workshop with Elizabeth Weinfield
220 Cabrini Blvd, Apt 1G, New York City

Workshop Fees: Participants, $45.00; auditors, $25.00

Isabella d'Este (1474-1539) of Mantua, one of the great music patrons of Renaissance Italy, was an accomplished musician whose extensive and carefully-constructed instrument collection included harpsichords, organs and violins, and the first violas da gamba at any European court. Isabella played the viol at home with her friends, reading from favorite manuscripts. Soon the viol would have its own repertoire, and the course of musical composition would be altered forever.

Who were these first experimenters? What music did they play? In this workshop, for Advanced Beginners through Intermediate players, we will explore some examples of 3-5-part frottole from manuscripts owned by Isabella d'Este (transcribed for modern use) to explore and enjoy the music that was first read on the viol.

Elizabeth Weinfield is active as a viol and viola player in New York, and the director of Sonnambula. She is the 2013 Award Winner of the Oxford University Press OBO Award for her work on the viola da gamba. As a PhD candidate in historical musicology and a researcher of old instruments, her interests range from the origins of viol music and patronage to the history of the viol's migration.

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