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Other Events and Festivals Involving the Viola da Gamba

May 23-26, 2014

Amherst Early Music
Memorial Day Week-End Workshop

Wisdom House, Litchfield, CT

Get the jump on summer with a weekend of small and larger chamber music in an idyllic retreat center in rural Connecticut. The Amherst Early Music Weekend Workshops are smaller, more relaxed versions of the summer festival. Take classes in a variety of subjects for most of the day -- repertory, notation, technique, and ensembles. This year's topics TBA soon, but will include Baroque ensembles, and recorder master class. In the evenings enjoy all-workshop group sessions, English country dancing, a gala Sunday evening faculty concert and party, and more. The von Huene Workshop is in residence with music and instruments for sale. Stop by even if you are not attending the workshop! Van service will run from New York City. Registration opens soon! Faculty include Marion Verbruggen,recorder; Wendy Gillespie, viol; Frances Fitch, harpsichord; Robert Eisenstein, viol; Eric Haas, recorder, flute; Valerie Horst, recorder, early notation; Lawrence Lipnik, viol, recorder, voice; Patricia Petersen, recorder, early notation; Tom Zajac, recorder.

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Sunday-Sunday, June 22, June 29, 2014

Early Music Week at World Fellowship Center
El Siglo de Oro, the Golden Age of Spain

Conway, NH

With special guest faculty: Salomé Sandoval

El Siglo de Oro, the Golden Age of Spain, was the pinnacle of Spanish culture and influence in Europe and the New World. Stretching from the time of the Reconquista and Columbus, through the defeat of the Spanish Armada, and well into the 17th century, it was a time of brilliant creativity in all of the arts. When Isabella and Ferdinand expelled the last of the Moors from their stronghold in Granada in 1492, they put an end to a fascinating era of Spanish history which had brought together the cultures of the Moors, Christians and Sephardic Jews. Under the strengthened monarchy, however, there flourished a new period of great literature, architecture, painting and music. We'll reach back into "pre-Columbian" Spanish courts and monasteries, and across the sea to the New World. We'll sample the instrumental and vocal treasures of the 16th century Habsburg dynasty and explore the early Baroque repertoire -- all tasty tapas on our plates as we meet for a week of music in the mountains.

Please join us to enjoy the results. (registration opening soon) and make your reservations at worldfellowship.org.

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July 6-13, and 13-20, 2014

Amherst Early Music Festival 2014
Music of France and the Low Countries

Connecticut College
New London, CT

Directed by Frances Blaker, New London Assembly, Flanders Recorder Quartet, Anonymous 4,
Rameau's Les Indes Galantes
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July 27-August 3, 2014

VdGSA 52nd Conclave
Sounds of Mind

Miami University, Oxford, OH

Sarah Mead, Music Director. Faculty: Jack Ashworth, Rosamund Morley, Lucy Bardo, David Morris, Tina Chancey, Annalisa Pappano, Sarah Cunningham, John Mark Rozendaal, John Dornenburg, Gail Ann Schroeder, Julie Elhard, Mary Springfels, Julie Jeffrey, Lisa Terry, Brady Lanier, Lynn Tetenbaum, Larry Lipnik, Craig Trompeter, Martha McGaughey, Brent Wissick, Sarah Mead. Register now!

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