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For sale: bass viola da gamba bow

By Ralph Ashmead. Snakewood stick, rosewood frog and button. Weight: 78.4 grams. Asking $1,250. Contact Nora at 
Bows needed
Educator needs 2 treble bows, 2 tenor bows and a bass viol bow for consort of viols used frequently to introduce viols to adults and children in a variety of workshops and petting zoos. If you have a good quality bow you'd like to donate, or make available reasonably, contact Lisa Terry, Venues of Workshops: The World of the Harpsichord workshops at Holy Rood Church in Washington Heights; LaGuardia High School; KIPP Charter School in West Harlem; and more. 

Electronic harpsichord for sale
I have a Roland electronic harpsichord/organ for sale. If interested, please contact me via email

English Tenor Viola Da Gamba for Sale
I have a Contemporary English Tenor Viola Da Gamba, by Michael Heale year 1971 for sale including the case - The bow is missing and one string is broken. Please contact me at the following phone number (419) 989-3318 or email address: email: Thank you! -Erica
Bass viol wanted
The VdGS/GNY is looking to buy a 6-string bass viol, in good condition, student-quality okay. Contact


























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